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Move over Valentine's Day, Pancake Day is the only real reason February exists!


When you think of February you probably think of all the hopeless romantics out there who look forward to all things lovey dovey and romantic; candle lit meals, roses, chocolates, teddy bears etc etc

I, on the other hand, look forward to February not because of the romance of the 14th but for the pancakes on Shrove Tuesday which, this year, falls on 13th February - My ultimate date in February.

Pancakes, pancakes, pancakes how I love you so! Aren’t they great? There’s something for everyone. There’s sweet as well as savoury options and there“s even something for those of you who have food intolerances!

Dairy-free pancakes (no eggs or milk) –  Perfect if you’re lactose intolerant, these pancakes are sweet, tasty and easy to make 

Gluten-free pancakes – Being gluten intolerant can often mean missing out on pancake day but these yummy pancakes are gluten-free!

If you need a quick how-to guide, my favourite Chef Jamie Oliver is on hand to help: just visit his website to find out how to make perfect pancakes.

As a singleton I think this February should be more about the 13th it’s the unsung hero of the month, move over Cupid, Shrove Tuesday is the new top dog! Why you ask? Well., it falls right in the middle of coldest, bleakest month, it’s also a day of fluffy delicious-ness - a day to make everyone smile not only the lovers like 14th February. 

Shrove Tuesday is singleton friendly, it’s a day when everybody can share in the love - You can invite friends and family over for a pancake party and show off your flipping crazy pancake skills. And if you need a new kitchen afterwards – we at Sarnia Mutual can give you a helping hand!

So finally, the BIG question; Shrove Tuesday, a day for friends and family or Valentine’s Day a day for lovers?? My opinion? Shrove Tuesday is the winner every time, bring on the pancakes!