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10 ways to save a tenner!

Ever wondered if you could save more money? We’ve put together a few ideas to help you save a tenner straight away!

  1. Budget! – Make sure you are aware of what you have coming in and going out. Being on top of your finances can often help kick start the saving process. By being organised and making a budget AND sticking to it, you can cut out impulse buys and see your savings grow

    Weekly Savings £10+
  2. Ditch the Netflix/Movie Channels – Movie and TV packages can eat through your finances and we often end up paying for channels we don’t need. Sky Cinema costs around £9 a month but if you shop around you can find all sorts of other entertainment packages that are much cheaper. Or, you could give them all up and just get a DVD from the library instead!

    Potential Saving £9 a week
  3. Are you a smoker? — The price for a packet of cigarettes is around £7. Assuming you smoke 20 a day you would be burning through over £2500 a year. If you cut down by just a pack a week you could save around £360.

    Potential Saving £49+ a week
  4. Ditch the coffee – are you a fan of coffee shop coffees on the way to work? A basic black coffee at a chain coffee shop is around £2. If you bring coffee to work with you instead you could be saving £10 a week (assuming you have a 5 day working week).

    Potential Saving £10+ a week
  5. Save your loose change – look under your sofa, between the cushions and in the bottom of old handbags, you’ll be amazed at how much change gets lost at home. We also tend to spend coins of larger denominations and leave our wallets and purses to become full of “shrapnel“.  It only takes a few pennies – say 33p - saved every day to add up to just over a tenner - £10.23 in 31 days

    Potential saving £2.30 a week
  6. Have a packed lunch – if you buy lunch every day you are probably going to be spending at least £5 a day. This means you could be spending around £1300 a year! Packed lunches can be made for under £2 a day, plus they are often much more healthy. So not only will you be saving your pocket, you’ll be better for your waistline!

    Potential saving £15+ a week
  7. Set up an automatic transaction with your bank — transfer a specific amount to your savings account as soon as you get paid. This way you aren’t tempted to spend it and you have some money set aside for a rainy day should you need it!

    Potential saving £10+ a week
  8. Say No – Do you find yourself agreeing to trips to the pub or the cinema when you’d rather not go? A quiet drink can often turn into a more expensive night out that can cost over £100 for some, so make a pledge to say “No!” occasionally. Learning to say no can help you save a great deal in the long run, but remember, be strong in your convictions!

    Potential Savings £10+ a week
  9.  Buy own brand products – taste and product tests often find that there is little or no difference between named and own brand products. By buying own brand goods you can save around 25% on your weekly shop. Assuming a £100 a week shopping budget you could save around £1300 a year alone!

    Potential Saving £25+ a week

And finally

  1. Save your bonuses/profit share/ raise – if you are already budgeting and so financially secure prior to receiving your bonus why not save it for a rainy day for when you really need it!

    Potential Saving - ££££