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Birthday gifts that show that you care!

If you are strapped for cash or you simply don’t want to fritter away your hard earned cash on an unwanted gift, why not think about making your own gifts and cards for that special someone this year? Not only will you save a packet but your loved one is likely to love the gift that little bit more because its from the heart rather than your pocket. Plus, it is likely to be much more fun than traipsing around town looking for inspiration.

Birthday cards are easy to make personal; try looking through old photos for a picture of the two of you together or a special occasion that means a lot to you both. Using a personal photo can add that little bit of a personal touch but if you are artistic you could try creating something yourself. Of course, if you are less crafty you could use a computer programme to do the hard work for you.

Presents can also be handmade, or course, but you can also help them with a tricky task or even teach something that they would find valuable; whether you are a baker, are into needlepoint, or are a dab hand at teaching dance, the gift of time and energy should hit the mark!

The point is, even if it is a little rough around the edges, your gift will show that you care and isn’t that really why we give each other gifts in the first place?