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Parent’s money saving tips

Worried about your finances and how you can to afford to bring up a family? Below are a few nuggets of advice to help new and future parents!

Sign up to baby clubs! Most baby brands have a baby club you can sign up to and they often give you freebies to get to buy their products. Boots Parenting Club, Cow and gate Baby Club and babies R Us Mother and Baby club are good places to start!

Join local groups! Your midwife or Health visitor should be able to give you information on local groups where new mums are encouraged to meet up. Information is also available via the Library, The Guernsey Press and IslandMums. A great source of help is The National Childbirth Trust (NCT) which is a local parent support network that began over 60  years ago. NCT Guernsey has both pre and post-natal classes and many groups remain friends for years beyond the birth of their children

Don’t buy brand new! Of course you want the best for your baby but the truth is there is no need to buy new. Baby furniture, pushchairs, toys and even clothes can be bought much more cheaply second hand. They often grow out of things at a drop of a hat so what you do find will be practically new anyway!

Ask around! Ask new mums, mums with older children and health providers what equipment and clothes are most useful. Parents to be often find that they buy products that are cute or the “next new thing in childcare” but end up being useless because they are never worn or are too difficult to use.

Borrow stuff! There are plenty of people who are happy to lend toys and equipment – and even clothes – to new parents so don’t be afraid to ask.

Don’t stockpile! Don’t stockpile anything, you never know what your baby is going to like. While it may appear financial sense to buy in bulk you might find that your baby grows out of a specific nappy much more quickly than expected, or they may have more sensitive skin and generic wipes may irritate them. Buy a few things to work out what works best, and then start putting items aside!

Make your own! If possible, make your own baby food. Not only will you save money you might even find your baby prefers homemade food better than processed food.

Having a baby can be a worrying time but hopefully, you will find that you will sail through it. Whatever happens, make sure you enjoy your new baby and the many new experiences that becoming a parent offers.